About Alam Al Kotob

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About Alam Al Kotob
Alam Al Kotob was founded in November 1959, and was founded by Professor Youssef Abdul Rahman Ali, may God have mercy on him, and made a double effort to make this house a name among the large names of publishing houses that were bright in the publishing sky when he founded this house.
Alam Al Kotob is always proud that it has a publishing house that has a principle that preserves it, its plan goes, and a message that works for it.
The principle is the secretariat entrusted and come back to all those who dealt with it authors, publishers, distributors and readers.
Alam Al Kotob is going through a plan to spread the good that adds to the Arabic library, until the name of the book world has become a valuable guide, symbol and mastery.
Finally, Alam Al Kotob is keen to have a message to carry and seek to achieve and its mission is to enrich the Arabic library with all that it offers, which selects and selects the distinctive works, to consider that this choice is an important part of the cultural service, which is keen to provide to readers and authors alike.
Alam Al Kotob is proud of what it has published over the years of the books in their distinctive fields:
Law in all branches - Engineering and Arts - Education and Psychology - Literature, language and story for the great writers.
As well as the important literature in all fields of science and knowledge.